AT1123 X-ray and Gamma Radiation Survey Meter

Measurement of continuous, short-term and pulse X-ray and gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate. Search and detection of X-ray and gamma radiation sources, and high-level beta radiation sources with maximum spectrum energy of more than 500 keV.

  • Measurement over a wide range of dose rates and energies
  • Measurement of dose rate and exposure time during short-term exposure (from 0.03 s)
  • Measurement of pulse radiation average dose rate, where the pulse duration is 10 ns and longer
  • Automatic recording of over 500,000 measurement results into non-volatile memory
  • One of four available averaging modes can be selected
  • Remote control is optionally available for distant measurements
  • Optional stationary placement with external audio-visual alarm and potential-free contacts for actuator control
  • PC communication interface for a continuous monitoring and data logging

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Detector Scintillation tissue-equivalent plastic Ø30×15 mm
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate 50 nSv/h – 10 Sv/h (Continuous radiation)
5 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h (Short-term radiation)
0.1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h (Pulse radiation)
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent 10 nSv – 10 Sv
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error
±15% (Continuous and short-term radiation)
±30% (Pulse radiation)
Energy range 15 keV – 10 MeV (Continuous and short-term radiation)
15 keV – 10 MeV (Pulse radiation)
Energy dependence relative to 662 keV (137Cs) ±35% (15 – 60 keV)
±25% (60 keV – 10 MeV)
Typical sensitivity to 137Cs gamma radiation 70 cps/(µSv·h-1)
Measurement time of 137Cs gamma radiation ≤60 s (Dose rate: 50 – 300 nSv/h)
≤10 s (Dose rate: 0.3 – 2 µSv/h)
≤2 s (Dose rate: 2 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h)
Response time for dose rate change from 0.1 to 1 µSv/h <2 s
Protection class IP54
Overall dimensions, weight 233x85x67 mm, 0.9 kg

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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