AT1125, AT1125A Radiation Monitors

  • Measurement of X-ray and gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate
  • Control of 137Cs* content in samples inside 0.5-liter Marinelli beaker, both with and without protection unit (PrU)
  • Measurement of alpha and beta particle flux density from contaminated surfaces (external BDPS‑02 detection unit**)
  • Search and detection of X-ray and gamma radiation sources
  • High sensitivity
  • Display of the radionuclide energy spectrum when connected to a PC

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AT1125, AT1125A Radiation Monitors
Detectors AT1125: Scintillation NaI(TI) Ø25×40 mm;
AT1125A: Scintillation NaI(TI) Ø25×40 mm and Geiger-Mueller counter tube;
BDPS-02: End-type Geiger-Mueller counter tube
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate 30 nSv/h – 300 µSv/h (AT1125)
30 nSv/h – 100 mSv/h (AT1125A)
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent 10 nSv – 10 mSv (AT1125)
10 nSv – 10 Sv (AT1125A)
Measurement range of 137Cs specific activity 50 – 105 Bq/kg (with PrU)
100 – 105 Bq/kg (w/o PrU)
Measurement range of alpha particles flux density 2.4 – 106 particle·min-1·cm-2 (BDPS-02)
Measurement range of beta particles flux density 6 – 106 particle·min-1·cm-2 (BDPS-02)
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error
±15% (dose rate) (AT1125, А)
±20% (dose rate) (BDPS-02)
±20% (specific activity)
±20% (flux density) (BDPS-02)
Energy range of X-ray and gamma radiation 50 keV – 3 MeV (AT1125, А)
20 keV – 3 MeV (BDPS-02)
Energy dependence relative to 662 keV (137Cs) ±15% (AT1125, А)
±30% (BDPS-02)
Typical sensitivity to 137Cs gamma radiation 350 cps/(µSv·h-1) (AT1125, А)
6.6 cps/(µSv·h-1) (BDPS-02)
Detectable activity of 137Cs source, located at the distance of 5 cm in a time not longer than 2 s 10 kBq
Protection class IP54 (AT1125, А)
IP64 (BDPS-02)
Overall dimensions, weight 258x85x67 mm, 1.0 kg (AT1125,А)
138x86x60 mm, 0.3 kg (BDPS-02)
Ø150×155 mm, 10.5 kg (PrU)
* The list of controlled radionuclides can be adjusted on request. Available variants:   a) 137Cs, 134Cs + 137Cs   b) 131I, 137Cs, 134Cs + 137Cs
** BDPS-02 can be substituted by the following detection units: BDPA-01, BDPA-02, BDPA-03, BDPB-01, BDPB-02 and BDPB‑03. For specification of detection units see AT1117M Radiation Monitor

AT1125, AT1125A, AT1125+BDPS-02, AT1125A+BDPS-02

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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