AT1117M Radiation Monitor

AT1117M Radiation Monitor

Portable multi-purpose instrument, that can be equipped with a variety of external detection units for alpha, betta, gamma and X-ray dosimetry and radiometry
Depending on the combination of the detection units (DU) radiation monitor can be used for measuring of:
• X-ray, gamma, and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate
• Air kerma and air kerma rate of X-ray and gamma radiation
• Directional dose equivalent and directional dose equivalent rate of continuous X-ray and gamma radiation
• Flux density of alpha and beta particles from contaminated surfaces
• Flux density and fluence of neutrons with known energy distribution
• Surface activity and disintegrations of 239Pu and 90Sr + 90Y
• Real-time search for sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials

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AT1117M Radiation Monitor
Either processing unit (PU, PU2 and PU4) or  a PC can be used for control of the detection units.
PU and PU2 are offering the following functionality:
– Indication of dose, dose rate and count rate with a statistical error
– Manual recording, storage and transfer of the radiological data to a PC
– Setting alarm threshold levels
PU4 is a hand-held PC (HPC) with integrated detection module, which offers an extended functionality:
– Radiological data processing and display
– Data collection from a detection unit wirelessly via Bluetooth (using adapter) or directly via cable
– Radiological data GPS- geotagging
– Automatic data acquisition mode – Possibility of further data processing on a PC
– Optional automatic data transfer to a remote server (If 3G option in PU4 is available).

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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