AT1117M Radiation Monitor (Alpha/Beta Contamination Monitor)

The following configuration of the radiation monitor can be used for:
– Alpha particles flux density and surface activity measurements of 239Pu with BDPA-02 / BDPA-03
– Beta particles flux density and surface activity measurements of 90Sr+90Y with BDPB-02 / BDPB-03


  • High sensitivity
  • Sound, light, and visual alarm for exceeded threshold levels
  • Can be operated both as a stationary and portable instrument
  • Wide measurement range

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Processing unit PU2
Measurement range of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate 1 µSv/h – 100 mSv/h
Overall dimensions, weight 210x88x36 mm, 0.6 kg


Detection unit BDPA-02 / BDPA-03 / BDPB-02 / BDPB-03
Scintillation detector ZnS(Ag), 100 cm2 (BDPA-02)
ZnS(Ag), 300 cm2 (BDPA-03)
Plastic, 100 cm2 (BDPB-02)
Plastic, 300 cm2 (BDPB-03)
Measurement range of alpha particles flux density, particle·min-1·cm-2 0.05 – 5·104 (BDPA-02)
0.05 – 2·104 (BDPA-03)
Measurement range of 239Pu surface activity, Bq·cm-2 1.7·10-3 – 1.7·103 (BDPA-02)
1.7·10-3 – 0.68·103 (BDPA-03)
Typical sensitivity to 239Pu alpha radiation, cps/(particle·min-1·cm-2) 0.7 (BDPA-02)
2.5 (BDPA-03)
Measurement range of beta particles flux density, particle·min-1·cm-2 0.5 – 1.5·105 (BDPB-02)
0.5 – 0.5·105 (BDPB-03)
Measurement range of 90Sr + 90Y surface activity, Bq·cm-2 2.2·10-2 – 0.66·104 (BDPB-02)
2.2·10-2 – 0.22·104 (BDPB-03)
Typical sensitivity to 90Sr + 90Y beta radiation, cps/(particle·min-1·cm-2) 0.9 (BDPB-02)
2.4 (BDPB-03)
Overall dimensions, weight Ø137×230 mm, 0.7 kg (BDPA-02)
Ø222×277 mm, 1.4 kg (BDPA-03)
Ø137×235 mm, 0.87 kg (BDPB-02)
Ø222×281 mm, 1.8 kg (BDPB-03)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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