Radiation monitoring of pulsed X-ray and gamma radiation fields using UDKG-37 Gamma Radiation Detection Devices and AT2533 Dosimeters

In addition to measuring continuous X-ray and gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate in an extremely wide range and under harsh operating conditions, UDKG-37 Gamma Radiation Detection Devices and AT2533 Dosimeters have been successfully tested and now can be used for restricted area beamline radiation control at linear accelerators (LINACs) and other pulsed-radiation facilities.

UDKG-37 and AT2533 are capable of measuring the average ambient dose equivalent rate of pulsed X-ray radiation in the range from 80 µSv/s to 0.3 Sv/s for pulse repetition rate of not less than 20 Hz, and pulse duration of not less than 1 µs.

In addition to rugged design and high reliability, these devices have extremely long burn-up lifetime – at least 50,000 Sv for UDKG-37 and at least 5,000 Sv for AT2533.

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