AT200 Beta Calibration Facility

Transfer of absorbed dose, directional and personal dose equivalents and dose equivalent rates of beta radiation into working standards, dosimeters for absorbed dose measurement into tissues and personal dosimeters of beta radiation during their calibration and verification.

  • Sealed radionuclide sources of beta radiation 90Sr+90Y (BIS-50, 22 Gbq), 85Kr (KAC.D3, 15 GBq) and 147Pm (BIP-50, 10 GBq) can be used
  • The shape of reference field around sources can be changed by movable irradiator unit using smoothing filters
  • Source holders with a shutter and safety shields
  • Calibrated rods and a laser device for centering and digitization
  • Video surveillance system for measurements
  • Can be used as part of an automated beta-radiation extrapolation chamber for simulation of absorbed dose (absorbed dose rate) of beta radiation in tissue
  • Measurement of ionization current values starting from 1 fA using extrapolation chamber and precision electrometer
  • Software for facility control, performing calibration and for calculations
  • Alarm and interlock system, photon radiation monitoring system in measurement and control rooms

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AТ200 Beta Calibration Facility
The range of beta radiation absorbed dose rate Dt(0.07) (rated limits) 10 – 5.5·103 µGy/s
Source positioning error 0.1 mm
Travel range of irradiator unit
in measurement geometry:
“Dosimeters” 100 – 500 mm
“Extrapolation Chamber”
Intrinsic error for absorbed dose rate of beta radiation ±5%
Diameter of irradiator exit window 55 mm
Height of radiation beam axis 1300 mm
Actual values of range limits and errors are determined by calibration

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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