AT110, AT130 Gamma Beam Irradiators with Calibration Bench

Reproduction and transfer of air kerma, exposure dose, ambient dose equivalent, personal dose equivalent units and their respective rates into working standards and measurement instruments during verification, calibration and test procedures.


  • Irradiator with collimator of typical design
  • Rotary drum magazine for sources in tungsten and lead protection
  • Software control of source movement and moving platform positioning
  • Alarm and interlock systems, area monitors
  • Control by operator panel or personal computer with automatic calibration capability


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AT110 AT130
Gamma radiation sources, maximum activity 137Cs:  1.3·1012 Bq (35 Ci) 137Cs:  9.6·1013 Bq (2600 Ci)
60Cо:  7.2·109 Bq (0.2 Ci)
241Am:  1.6·1010 Bq (0.4 Ci)
Number of sources up to 5 up to 6
Air kerma rate 0.25 µGy/h – 350 mGy/h 0.36 µGy/h – 50 Gy/h
Exposure dose rate 30 µR/h – 40 R/h 40 µR/h – 5400 R/h
Ambient and personal dose equivalent rates 0.30 µSv/h – 420 mSv/h 0.43 µSv/h – 58 Sv/h
Intrinsic relative error for certification as a working standard of 1-st category (2-nd category) ±2.5% (±5%) for air kerma rate and exposure dose rate
±4.5% (±7%) for ambient and personal dose equivalent rates
Actual values of range limits and errors are determined by calibration

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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