AT1329, AT1329A, AT1329B Sample Counters

Sample counter is designed for simultaneous or discrete measurement of gross alpha activity and gross beta activity in various samples.

  • Instrument control and data processing by a PC
  • Custom calibration settings
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • LED stabilization
  • Passive background radiation protection
  • Software for data processing and tabulation
  • Methodological support of measurements – ready-to-use standard measurement procedures

Special version for 63Ni is available

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AT1329, AT1329A, AT1329B Sample Counters
Available configurations AT1329 Sample counter (alpha-beta)
AT1329A Sample counter (alpha)
AT1329B Sample counter (beta)
Scintillation detector AT1329: Phoswich detector (α and β channel):
28 cm2, plastic with a layer of ZnS(Ag);

AT1329A: ZnS(Ag) 28 сm2  (α channel);
AT1329B: Plastic 28 сm2  (β channel)
Sensitivity ≥0.25 Bq-1·s-1  (239Pu)  (α channel)
≥0.30 Bq-1·s-1  (90Sr+90Y)  (β channel)
Energy range 3 – 7 MeV  (α channel)
155 keV – 3.5 MeV  (β channel)
Count rate measurement range 0 – 105 s-1  (α channel)
0 – 105 s-1  (β channel)
Gross activity measurement range 0.01 – 104 Bq  (α channel)
0.1 – 104 Bq  (β channel)
Background count rate ≤0.001 s-1  (α channel)
≤0.75 s-1  (β channel)
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error
Protection class IP43
Overall dimensions 230x230x290 mm
Weight 21 kg (AT1329)
9 kg (AT1329A)
21 kg (AT1329B)
Control and indication External PC (option)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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