AT1315 Gamma Beta Spectrometer

Simultaneous selective activity measurement of gamma emitting radionuclides in potable water, food, agricultural materials and fodder, industrial materials, forestry products, building materials, soil and other environmental materials.
Support of quick radioactive purity test for standardized sample metal heats.


  • Advanced spectra processing on a PC
  • Live data processing during the measurement
  • Ready-to-use standard measurement procedures


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AT1315 Gamma Beta Spectrometer
Scintillation detector NaI(Tl) Ø63×63 mm (Gamma channel)
Plastic Ø128×9 mm (Beta channel)
Energy range 50 keV – 3 MeV (Gamma radiation)
150 keV – 3.5 MeV (Beta radiation)
Measurement range of volume (specific) activity without sample concentration (Spectrometric and radiometric measurement modes) 137Cs:  1 – 106 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
40K:  20 – 2·104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
232Th:  3 – 104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
226Ra:  3 – 104 Bq/l (Bq/kg)
90Sr:  10 – 106  Bq/l (Bq/kg) (Radiometric mode only)
131I:  10 – 105  Bq/l (Bq/kg) (Spectrometric mode only)
134Cs:  6 – 105  Bq/l (Bq/kg) (Spectrometric mode only)
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error
Density range of controlled samples 0.2 – 1.6 g/cm3
Lower limit of 90Sr measurement range with sample concentration in conversion to “wet” sample 0.1 Bq/l (For potable water)
0.8 Bq/l (For milk, baby food)
1.0 Bq/kg (For potatoes, corn, grain and agricultural raw materials)
Typical resolution at 662 keV (137Cs) 8%
Number of ADC channels 1024
Power supply PC USB port
Overall dimensions, weight (Protection unit with gamma and beta radiation detection units) Ø474×910 mm, 194 kg
Volume of measurement vessels For “wet” samples: Marinelli beaker 1 l, Flat vessels 0.5 and 0.1 l
For concentrated samples: Flat vessels 0.2 and 0.03 l
Control and indication External PC (option)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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