AT6110 Radiation Portal Monitor (Rapidly Deployable)

Detection and categorization of concealed and heavily shielded gamma and neutron radiation sources in vehicles, cargo, and pedestrian traffic.


  • Rapidly deployable
  • High-sensitivity
  • Categorization of radiation sources into natural and artificial
  • Up to 20 h of autonomous operation
  • Storage and operation in rugged cases
  • Designed for harsh operating conditions
  • Up to 8 monitors can be integrated in a single system


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Monitor configuration Gamma channel: 1 x BDRM-05
Neutron channel: 2 x BDKN-05
Total number of monitors in the system Up to 8
Time of continuous operation ~20 h
Monitors power supply Built-in rechargeable battery pack
Protection class IР55
Dimensions and weight of monitor attached to frame (in operating position) 2090x1025x955 mm, 78 kg


Gamma radiation detection units BDRM-05
Scintillation detector Plastic, 1000х100х50 mm
Energy range 50 keV – 3 MeV
Typical sensitivity to source radiation, cps/(µSv·h-1) 60000 [241Am]

32000 [137Cs]

17000 [60Co]


Neutron radiation detection units BDKN-05
Detector Two He-3 proportional counters in polyethylene moderator
Energy range 0.025 eV – 14 MeV
Typical sensitivity to source radiation at the distance of 1 m, cps/(neutron·s-1·cm-2) 20 [252Cf]


Detection threshold for unshielded source under natural radiation background conditions not more than 0.1 µSv/h
(Probability of source detection 80% under confidence level Р=0.95)
Road vehicles. Travel speed 8 km/h
Monitors configuration (location and number) Gamma channel Neutron channel
Detection Categorization
Control zone

width – 3 m,

height – 2 m

940 kBq [241Am]

130 kBq [137Cs]

70 kBq [60Co]

1100 kBq [241Am]

310 kBq [137Cs]

330 kBq [60Co]

2.1∙104 neutron/s [252Cf]
690 kBq [241Am]

100 kBq [137Cs]

50 kBq [60Co]

800 kBq [241Am]

240 kBq [137Cs]

250 kBq [60Co]

1.2∙104 neutron/s [252Cf]
Control zone

width – 6 m,

height – 4.5 m

2140 kBq [241Am]

290 kBq [137Cs]

150 kBq [60Co]

2500 kBq [241Am]

690 kBq [137Cs]

710 kBq [60Co]

2.2∙104 neutron/s [252Cf]
1570 kBq [241Am]

210 kBq [137Cs]

110 kBq [60Co]

1900 kBq [241Am]

500 kBq [137Cs]

520 kBq [60Co]

1.4∙104 neutron/s [252Cf]


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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