AT6101CE Spectrometer (Backpack-based Radiation Detector)

AT6101CE Spectrometer (Backpack-based Radiation Detector)

Inconspicuous search, detection, and identification of weak and heavily shielded radiation sources.

Effective solution for illicit traffic of radioactive materials prevention, public safety, and consequences management.

  • SrI2(Eu) scintillator with high energy resolution: 3% for 662 keV (137Cs)
  • Reliable identification of complex radionuclide mixtures and shielded sources
  • 20 hours of continuous operation time, memory for 130 hours of scan time
  • Rugged Android smartphone (4.7″ or 6″) for control and indication
  • Automatic gamma and neutron radiation sources search, detection, and identification
  • Continuous recording of radiological data with GPS-referencing for further analysis
  • “GARM” software for further data processing and analysis

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Gamma radiation detection units, scintillation detector BDKG-05S, SrI2(Eu) Ø38×38 mm
BDKG-35, plastic Ø70×150 mm
Energy range 20 keV – 3 MeV
Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate 0.03 – 150 µSv/h
Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error ±20%
Typical sensitivity to 137Cs gamma radiation 4500 cps/(µSv·h-1) *
Detectable activity of 137Cs source, moving at the speed of 0.6 m/s and located at the distance of 1 m in a time not longer than 2 s 350 kBq *
(95% probability of source detection
with false alarm rate not above 1 in 10 min)
Alarm activation time <2 s
Typical resolution at 662 keV (137Cs) 3% (BDKG-05S)
Identified radionuclides Industrial, natural, medical
(Library contents can be modified on request)
Neutron radiation detection unit, detector BDKN-05M, Two Не-3 proportional counters
Ø30×360 mm in polyethylene moderator
Energy range 0.025 eV – 14 MeV
Typical sensitivity to 252Cf neutron radiation 20 cps/(neutron·s-1·cm-2)
Detectable activity of Pu-Be source, located at the distance of 1.25 m in a time not longer than 3 s (5.00±1.25)∙104 neutron/s
(95% probability of source detection
with false alarm rate not above 1 in 1 h)
Protection class IP55 (backpack)
IP65 (case)
Overall dimensions, weight ** 520x380x220 mm, 7.5 kg (backpack)
594x473x215 mm, 16 kg (case)
* Configuration with BDKG-05S and BDKG-35 detection units
** Configuration with BDKG-05S, BDKG-35 and BDKN-05M detection units

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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