AT5350/1 Dosimeter

Highly functional precision dosimeter. Measurement of direct current rate, electric charge, charge by the method of numerical integration of current, air kerma and air kerma rate, kerma by the method of numerical integration of kerma rate and other radiological values.

Delivery set:
• Electrometer measurement unit (Electrometer)
• Optional ionization chambers by PTW-Freiburg (Germany):
– TM23342 Parallel-plane X-ray chamber (0.02 cm3)
– TM31010 Cylindrical ionization chamber (0.125 cm3)
– TM30010 Thimble ionization chamber (0.6 cm3)
– TM23361 Cylindrical ionization chamber (30 cm3)
– TM32002 Spherical ionization chamber (1000 cm3)

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AT5350/1 Dosimeter
Measurement range 1·10-15 – 1·10-6 A (Direct current rate)
1·10-15 – 1·10-8 C (Electric charge)
1·10-14 – 1·10-1 C (Charge by the method of numerical integration of current)
Measurement accuracy ≤(0.1 – 0.5)
Measurement range 0.4 µGy/min – 10 kGy/min (Air kerma rate)
0.05 µGy – 15 Gy (Air kerma)
0.05 µGy – 1.5 MGy (Air kerma by the method of numerical integration of kerma rate)
Measurement accuracy ≤±3%
X-ray and gamma radiation energy range 8 keV – 1.33 MeV
Leakage current 1·10-15 A max
Integration time 99,999 s max
Power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Power consumption 12 V·A max
Overall dimensions / weight 294×112.5×250 mm / 3.8 kg
Integrated high voltage ±(1 – 500) V power source for ionization chambers supply with 1 V set-up increments
Library of parameters for 20 Ionization chambers
Stores up to 500 measurement results
Automatic correction of measurement results taking into account the air density for unpressurised chambers based on the entered temperature and pressure values
Settable units of measurement (Gy, Sv, R, A, C)
RS232C interface and dedicated digital inputs/outputs

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For details please refer to the datasheet.


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