New rapidly deployable Radiation Portal Monitor AT6110 is now available for preorder.

AT6110 is a rapidly deployable radiation portal monitoring system (RPM) designed to control pedestrians and vehicles. RPM can detect heavily shielded gamma and neutron radiation sources, trigger alarms and log events, determining the type of gamma radiation source – natural or artificial (categorization).

RPM rapidly detects low level radiation signal produced by a moving source of gamma radiation, considering the background shielding properties of vehicle present in the control area. If RPM detects above the background radiation level, a yellow alarm is triggered. At the same time the system determines the category of radiation source and if it is generated by an artificial source, the red alarm is triggered.

RPM can consist of up to 8 detector modules, each composed of a spectrometric detection unit based on plastic scintillation detector, and one or two neutron radiation detection units based on high-efficiency helium-3 counters. These detector modules can be attached to special frames to guarantee the system is stable and has a proper measurement geometry.

RPM can be operated from a computer with a software that receives, and processes consolidated counting and spectrometric data in a single flow from all detectors.

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